Figma Tokens

Design Tokens Plugin for Figma

A Figma plugin allowing you to define & use tokens directly in Figma, including smart aliases for colors, typography, spacing, border radii, etc.

Figma Design Tokens - Making design tokens a single source of truth for Figma. | Product Hunt
Figma Tokens
Figma Tokens allows you to define & use tokens for colors, typography, radii, spacing and many more directly in Figma while syncing to an external storage such as GitHub.


Use JSON as source of truth

Store design decisions in JSON, sync to GitHub, JSONBin or read from a URL, allowing you to use one source of truth for all design decisions.

Smart references

Create semantic design tokens by referencing other tokens in your JSON. This allows you to create themes that depend on a global set of design tokens. Easily swap between themes and use them to create or manage Figma styles.

Use math to create fluid scales

You can use math to multiply token values by a certain scale, round to numbers or use it to create a fluid type or spacing scale, allowing you to create design decisions dynamically.

Tokens for radii/spacing, etc

Apply design decisions to properties where Figma Styles fall short: Border radii/width, spacing on auto layout, sizing, opacity, box shadows or typography styles that can reutilize other atomic design tokens
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